Plum River Clean Up

Before and After photos of the three major Logjam sites

Plans for 2016

Carroll County Soil and Water Conservation District
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On July 29-31, the Carroll County Soil and Water Conservation District hosted an AmeriCorps team clearing logjams in the Plum River near Savanna.  Assisting the team were local landowners, Ritchie Excavating of Savanna, SWCD Resource Conservationist Shay Bradbury, and Blackhawk Hills' GIS Mapping Specialist Andy Shaw.

Three sites holding remaining blockages on the river were targeted.  Two were accessible by an excavator and winch so team members worked in the river to attach chains and cables to logs to pull  them up on shore for cutting.  One site landowner now has a large woodpile for his family's
winter heating.  The remaining site was handled from canoes and from atop the jam itself with chainsaw work by Shay Bradbury and Andy Shaw, with AmeriCorps' members removing cut logs and debris from the pile.

Two of the three sites were largely cleared and the other was made passable by canoes without the difficult land portage that was previously necessary.  Additional work remains but the largest part of the log clearing has been successfully completed at this time.

Work began in 2015

A committee has been formed to help continue the work to maintain the work done to create a water trail on the Plum River from Old Mill Park to the Savanna Marina.  If you are interested in helping plan and perform some of this work contact Shay Bradbury at ShayGBradbury@H0TMAIL.C0M.

We are in the early stages of planning large scale clean up and clearing efforts for early August of 2016.  Stay tuned for more details to come in July.