We will produce customized maps for any Carroll County landowner or tenant.  The charge for basic maps is a flat $5.00 for 8.5 x 11" prints and $6.00 for 11 x 17" prints, larger prints may be available at additional cost.  Maps can be customized with a variety of map layers including:

  • Aerial Photography
  • Hillshade
  • Topographic Mapping
  • Two Foot and ten foot Contours
  • Soil Types
  • FEMA Flood Plains and Streams
  • GPS Locations of Items of Your Choice (Such as Tree Stands, Trails, Water Features, Plantings, etc.)  The SWCD hourly rate will be charged for any on site mapping work required.
  • We will customize your map with any mixture of options available to us

Also known as a Natural Resources Inventory (NRI) which is part of a Land Evaluation and Site Assessment (LESA) 
They are required each time land is rezoned from
agricultural to anyother zoning classification.  Contact
the Carroll County Assessors office for more information. 
$250 for the first 5 acres, $5 for each additional acre.

The report includes:

  • Soil types and properties relating to the
    proposed land use
  • Location Map with soils types
  • Endangered Species report
  • Farmland Classification Rating



Carroll County Soil and Water Conservation District
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The Carroll County SWCD Office offers a variety of services including Mapping, Site Evaluations (NRI/LESA reports), and Wildlife/Pond Management.

Price List

  • $50 per hour labor
  • $5.00 per 8.5x11" print
  • $6.00 per 11x17" print
  • $250 per Site Evaluation up to 5 acres
    • $5 for each additional acre

Site Evaluations