Technical Assistance

Carroll County Soil and Water Conservation District
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The Carroll County SWCD offers technical assistance for all landowners in the county.  Please explore the links below to find information on a variety of topics.  If you have any questions or don't see something listed below that you need assistance with, please contact our office.

Web Soil Survey 

  • Find soils information for land in Carroll County. 

General Guidance for Forest Landowners

  • Introduction to some of the programs available to you as a forest landowner.

List of Consulting Foresters

  • These foresters can help you develop a Forest Management Plan, implement that plan, perform tree planting, or help manage your timber sale

General Guidance for Livestock Owners/Managers

  • Strategies for reducing feedlot runoff as well as general manure application requirements

Pasture & Grazing, Illinois Drought Fact Sheet

  • Strategies for grazing cattle in Illinois during a drought year

Garlic Mustard Control/Elimination

  • This is a good publication from the WI DNR about removal of this highly invasive species in our forests

Tri-State Forestry Conference

  • Link to the presentations at this conference with topics ranging from timber harvest, wildlife concerns, forest management, tree ID, beekeeping, burning as a management tool, and others. 

Forest Edge Seminar

  • What should you do with that area between your field and the
    woods?  That space is prime habitat for many species but it is
    also an easy place for invasive species to take root.  Learn the
    techniques for managing that space and the many advantages
    to a well maintained forest edge.  Here are the presentations
    that were given by our two speakers:
  • Dave Harrison- Management of Edge Habitats, wildlife considerations.
  • Jeff Harris- Forest Edge, controlling invasive species and planning the design of an edge.

Illinois Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy

  • The Illinois Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy (INLRS) is an effort sponsored by the Farm Bureau, Illinois Water Resource Center, the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, and the Illinois Department of Agriculture.  The INLRS has been created in an attempt to reduce nutrient loading of streams and rivers in Illinois and to ultimately reduce the “dead zone” in the Gulf of Mexico.  This strategy is an effort to allow farmers to reduce nutrient runoff on their own terms before the problem gets bad enough for farmers to be regulated in a fashion like Chesapeake Bay.  They are looking to reduce Illinois phosphorus load by 25 percent and its nitrate‐nitrogen load by 15 percent by 2025! 

Invasive Species Control

  • Missouri Department of Conservation website with detailed information about identification and eradication techniques.  These are recommendations established through years of experience with removing invasive plants.